What Are Wheel Spacers?

Adding wheel spacers can improve the handling, look, and performance of a vehicle. They can also be a good way to remedy suspension problems and improve traction.

The wheel spacer is a metal device that attaches to the wheel studs. They are typically aluminum. They can be made in a variety of sizes. They are often sold in sets of two. They can add millimeters to inches to the track width.

They are also an easy way to change the number of lugs on a wheel. They can also add a little style to your vehicle. They are not a requirement for some vehicles.

It can be difficult to gauge if wheel spacers are right for your vehicle. While they may make your vehicle perform better, they can also cause problems. They may increase the cost of your vehicle, reduce the life of the components they support, or create a hazardous situation.

wheel spacer can also be a fun way to dress up a vehicle. They can be used on cars and pickup trucks. Some models have flush fenders, while others have flares. They can also be used to give a vehicle a more aggressive look.

The wheel is an important part of a vehicle. Whether you need to change the number of lugs on your wheel or add more space between your wheels and fender, you can bet your life that it will be difficult to do without the aid of a spacer.

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